Party Package Joo Chiat


   Packages Price Per Pax $           12.00 $           18.00 $           25.00 $           35.00 $           40.00
Minimum Pax 5-10 5-10 5-10 10-20 10-20
Total items per pax:                    2                    4                    7                  11                  18
Drinks House blend Coffee Latte, Cappucino, Expresso, Mocha, FlatWhite, Americano Choose 1 cup Choose up to 2 cups Free Flow Free Flow Free Flow
House Blend Tea Red Tea
Ice Blend House Coffee Choose up to 2 cups Choose up to 3 cups
Ice Blend House Tea
Gourmet Coffee 12 types of Gourmet Coffee Choose 1 cup
Gourmet Tea Flower & herb based tea
Soft Drinks
Fruit Enzyme Shots Vino De Pitaya, Cereus Blanco, Vino de Cirrus, Vino De Ananas 1 shot 2 shots 3 shots
Finger Food Petite Fries Choose 1 serving and 1 type of finger food Choose 2 servings up to 2 types of Finger Food Choose 3 servings up to 3 types of finger food Unlimited servings of up to 4 types of finger food
Mini Pasta Pasta in a cup. Wild Mushroom with Pumpkin sauce
Petite French Toast
Fruit Enzyme Jam & House Bread
Naked Bread Bikini Vinegerette Salad & Egg Benedict
Spoon Bread Corn Polenta
Mini sausage patties
Desserts Vanilla Souffle Choose 1 item Choose up to 2 Choose up to 3 Choose up to 4
Chocolate Souffle
Bailey’s Souffle
Fruit Enzyme Souffle
Cheesecake Choose 1 slice
Specialty cakes
Premium cakes


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 20150802_091  20150802_095


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  1. I have booked a birthday party at bricks and cube age on 5mar, I would like to have a Lego block cake for 30 pax, how much would it cost? Just a simple one with a big Lego block shape cake, no need have small small Lego blocks.

    1. Good evening, Canny. We can provide you a simple block lego cake from 80 to 120 SGD cake depending on what you are looking for. If you have booked your party with our sister cafe, Bricks N Cubes, delivery is free. Kind regards, Web Admin

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