Full Month Packages, Wedding Favors & Corporate Gifts


It is important to say a sincere heart warming thank you!

A Gobi gift helps you to convey that love and gratitude from your heart.




What we offer in your jewel boxes:

  1. Delicately crafted Chocolate Petites
  2. Finely handmade Macaroons.
  3. Hitokuchi Series (from our High Tea set)




How to order?

  1. Call us 63452127
  2. Visit us:
    350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598
  3. Fill up excel form download
  4. Fill up online form below
  5. Email us your name, mobile phone.


6 simple steps to a perfect customize full month gift:

  1. Quantity?
  2. Package type?
  3. Types of pastries? Chocolate Petites (white, dark), or Macaroons
  4. Designs?
  5. Personalize Message (up to 30 characters)?
  6. Delivery address.


Step 1:

Decide on quantity

  • 25 boxes and above for customization.
  • 5 working days advance for customize orders. Our working days are Tue-Sat.
  • Prepayment necessary for customization.
  • Standard decorations are sprinkles. 2-3 days advance notice is sufficient.



Step 2:

Choose Package

  • 2 pieces / Package Imlimaculate / Package I. 2-pc-Gift-Boxes
  • 4 piece + 2 eggs (mostly for full month) / Package Joy / Package J20141206_008
  • 6 pieces / Package Kindness / Package K 
  • 8 pieces + 4 eggs / Package Love / Package LIMG_2649
  • 12 pieces / Package Marvelous / Package M 20150418_029
  • 10 pieces + 2 eggs / Package Natus / Package N 20150820_007

 Step 3:

Choose pastries

On each slot of your box, you can decide on



 Dark Chocolate Petite White Chocolate Petite French Chocolate Champagne Pink and Rose Red

b 20150601_078

Step 4:

Choose artwork

  • 2D prints
  • 3D letters
  • Sprinkles
  • 3D Ladybird
  • 3D Ducky

 Step 5:

Write your message.

 Your message should not be more than 30 characters which includes blanks. Examples:

  • Thank you sharing our joy as we welcome baby Jane into your family.
  • Thank you celebrating the birth of baby Kaye.
  • Welcome into the world Mia, love Mom & Dad.
  • Welcome Baby Richard, 8 pounds, 17 inch.
  • Thank you for gifts and blessings to baby Elana.
  • Welcome the new arrival of baby Joshua.

 Step 6:

Please provide billing and delivery details


Billing Address:
Email: annlim@hotmail.com
 Mobile: +65 99887766
Date Required:
Collection Timing:
Delivery Address:
 You can download the xls form to your desktop to guide you through the 6 steps. download


Package I (Immaculate) Pakcage J (Joy) Package K (Kindness) Package L (Love) Package M (Magnificent) Package N (Natus)
Petits (rich chocolate covered fudge) 2 4 6 8 12 10
Red Eggs 2 4 2
<25 Boxes  $                                  7.00  $                               12.20  $                               13.80  $                               23.80  $                               25.50  $                                24.65
25-50 Boxes  $                                  6.80  $                               11.80  $                               13.20  $                               22.80  $                               24.40  $                                23.60
51-80 Boxes  $                                  5.80  $                               11.30  $                               12.65  $                               21.75  $                               23.35  $                                22.55
>81 Boxes  $                                  5.00  $                               10.80  $                               12.10  $                               20.65  $                               22.30  $                                21.48


Examples of Designs:

Package Immaculate / Package I / 2 pieces of X per box
20150426_3017 JewelBox

We are so honored to be chosen to provide our renown chocolate petites to for one of the best peranakan chef & #1 caterer in Singapore.


 20150715_015  20150715_027
20151105_013 20151105_004
 20160728_116  20160102_31

 Package Joy / Package J / 4 piece of X & 2 eggs per box

 20141206_008  20150715_030
20150822_030  20141222_004
Package Kindness / Package K / 6 pieces of Chocolate Petites per box
20141206_090 20141206_049
20150209_003 20141206_006
20150819_017 20150819_018
 20151212_029 20150523_101
20160101_03 20160101_02
20151230_100  20151230_74
20160113_030  20160113_108
20160130_010 20160130_011
20160220_003 20160220_011
20160620_026 20160628_205
 20160320_030  20160319_069
20160319_053  20160320_032
20160307_151  IMG_7417
Package Love / Package L /  8 pieces of X + 4 eggs
Package Marvelous / Package M / 12 pieces of X
 20150418_029  20150418_030
 20150716_036a  20150426_3023
20151230_105 20151230_81
 20160113_031 20151230_81
20160220_002 20160220_012


You can substitute chocolate petites with Macaroons.


Hitokuchi Option:img_574242b332454

Mini Brownie

Half Chopple

Rainbow Squares




Package Natus / Package N / 10 pieces of X + 2 Eggs
20150820_007 20150820_012
20151210_014  20160305_180
Various 2D and 3D designs:

3D Ducky






3D Ducky



 3D Lady bug



3D Lady bug



 3D Prosperity Tangerine with Edible Gold Dust


3D Prosperity Tangerine with Edible Gold Dust


3D Numbers


3D Numbers


 3D Letters





 3D Letters

20150822_035 20150822_032 20150822_033 20150822_034


3D Letters


3D Letters


3D Letters


3D Letters


3D letters on Red Pink Chocolate20160320_084

2D Sugar Prints (customized)


2D Sugar Prints (customized)



2D sugar print (Little Princess)20150716_034

2D Sugarprint Name


2D sugar print (Balloon)





Sprinkles (Rainbow star)


Sprinkles (Star Spangle Banner)20141206_073

Sprinkles (Star Spangle Banner)


Sprinkles (Love)20141206_063


Sprinkles (Star Spangle Banner)


Sprinkles (Love)



Sprinkle (Rainbow Star)


4 Chocolate Petites Colors
Dark 100 % Belgium Chocolate.
Gobi coats each chocolate petite with 100% pure chocolate to signify the pureness of the event.20140928_Leak_01

White 100% Swiss Chocolate


Red Pink and Champagne Pink


The Amazing Craftsmen behind your chocolate petites
Mini Chocolate Fudge cake is in the heart of the chocolate petite.20141125_003  20150630_144

The Kitchen is busy preparing a well known celebrity’s orders.


Everything is hand crafted by one of the best talents in Singapore20141206_058

 The team rushing out orders.



Our Chefs meticulously does QC to make sure that your product is the best and freshest20141206_091

You can’t go wrong when every major corporation, companies and banks have bought from us.

If you’ve ever gone to a wedding, chances are you didn’t walk away empty handed. Every bride and groom sends their guests home with a memento. The trend in Singapore is to present guests with a sweet treat and a Gobi gift signifies a class about the rest. Have you ever wondered why wedding guests are presented with favors and where this tradition comes from? A little bit of history can help guests and couples understand this time honored tradition. Wedding Favors History: One of the earliest accounts of a wedding favor dates back to 16th century England. It was common for couples to give love knots constructed from lace and ribbon to each of their guests as a favor and to represent their bond of love. Throughout history, favors have evolved into a tradition that can be seen around the world. Over 500 years ago, Royalties and Nobles, would send their wedding guests home with a small gift called petites. These were also given out at birthday parties. A petite is contained a box made of porcelain, crystal, precious stones or metal. A wedding was considered a lucky occasion. Passing gifts to wedding guests is an act of  bestowing their good luck upon their guests. These lucky gifts consisted of different chocolate designs which represented fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity.  Giving Favors. Favors are presented in a variety of manners, how each couple does so depends on their own tradition or what they feel is best for their wedding reception. Some couples will display favors at each place setting, thereby adding to the table decorations. Others will have a favor table where the small gifts are displayed and a decorative card attached containing each guest’s name and table assignment. There are still others who choose to give favors out by hand in exchange for a wedding gift. It’s up to the couple to decide which scenario works best for their reception.Honor Favor Tradition. Wedding favors are a time honored tradition. Whether you choose to give out tulle-wrapped packages of beautiful decorative chocolate petites or a silver plated bottle opener, your guests are sure to appreciate the gesture and will treasure their gifts for years to come.   如果你曾经去参加一个婚礼,你没走空手而返。您会收到一个礼物,记住事件。婚礼厚待历史婚礼主张开始于16世纪的英国。新婚的夫妇给小巧克力电话Bonbonnieres。欧洲贵族,家里会送他们参加婚礼的宾客的小礼物叫做糖果盒或小菌落。这也给出了在生日聚会和其他庆祝的场合。这些礼物象征好运。Bonbonnieres演变为糖果开始通过浸入他们的糖或其他甜的涂层使蜜饯杏仁。这个传统是今天活着跟上给出了许多这些喜庆场合的装饰明亮的巧克力。婚礼主张是历史悠久的传统时间。无论你选择放弃了美丽的装饰小块巧克力涂层蛋糕或银色薄纱包裹的包镀开瓶器,你的客人一定会欣赏的姿态,会珍惜他们的礼物几年来。 혹시 결혼식에 간 적이 있다면, 당신은 빈손으로 멀리 걷지 않았다. 당신은 이벤트를 기억하는 선물을받을 수 있습니다.결혼식역사 호의. 결혼식 호의16 세기 영국에서 시작했다. 새로 결혼 커플 작은 초콜릿 통화 Bonbonnieres을 제공합니다. 작은 선물과 함께 집에 자신의 결혼식 손님을 보낼 것이다 유럽의 귀족, 봉봉 그릇 또는 PETITES했다. 이들은 또한 생일 파티 등 축하 행사에서 밖으로 주어졌다. 선물행운을 상징한다. 과자설탕이나 다른 달콤한 코팅담가 설탕에 절인 아몬드만들기 시작으로 Bonbonnieres 진화. 전통은즐거운 행사많은 밖으로 주어진 밝게 장식 된 초콜릿과 함께 살아 오늘 유지됩니다. 결혼식 호의전통을 영광 시간입니다. 당신이 초콜릿 코팅 케이크 또는 은색아름다운 장식 작은 조각얇은 명주 그물 포장 패키지 병따개 도금제공하기 위해 선택하든, 당신의 손님제스처를 인식해야하며, 앞으로 수년 동안 자신의 선물을 보물. あなたが今まで結婚式に行ってきた場合は、手ぶらで歩いていませんでした。あなたは、イベントを覚えて贈り物を受け取る。 結婚式は歴史を好意. 結婚式の好意は、16世紀にイギリスで始まった。新婚カップルは小さなチョコレートコールBonbonnieresを与える。小さな贈り物と一緒に家彼らの結婚式のゲストを送信し、ヨーロッパの貴族は、ボンボネーレまたはpetitesのと呼ばれる。これらは、誕生日パーティーやその他のお祝いの場面で配られた。これらの贈り物は、幸運を象徴しています。 菓子は、砂糖や他の甘いコーティングでそれらを浸漬することにより砂糖漬けのアーモンドを作り始めたようBonbonnieresに進化した。この伝統は、これらの喜びに満ちた機会の多くで行わ与えられた明るい内装のチョコレートで生きている今日保持されます。結婚式の好意は、伝統を光栄時間です。あなたはチョコレートコーティングされたケーキや銀の美しい装飾的な小片のチュール – 包まれたパッケージボトルオープナーメッキを配ることを選択するかどうかは、あなたのゲストは、ジェスチャーを感謝して確実であると何年も彼らの贈り物を大切にします。


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  1. Hi,

    I would like to check the price for package joy (4 pieces of chocolate + 2 eggs). I am planning to order 90 boxes for my daughter’s full month.

    Lay Sun

    1. Good morning Michell. Delivery pricing depends on your order. For orders that are above S$400, delivery is free. Orders below is S$400, deliver cost is $30 per location. Please add 7% for GST.

  2. Hi,
    I am interested in Package K by the first week of Sept 2015 for baby’s full month. However, I need help with the customisation for the chocolate petites. Please contact me.

  3. Hi,

    Your price for the chocolate petites is based on price per piece per box, depending on number of boxes. However, I would like to send it to my office in big boxes- total quantity 100- with 1 box of 10 and remaining 90 in another box(es). Could you advise how much you charge in this case for price per piece? You can email directly to me to liaise. I still have some time before I need to make the order. Thank you.


  4. Hi, I am interested in Package I on 9 Jan 2016 for baby’s full month. However, I need help with the customization for the dark chocolate petites. Please contact me. Planning to order 80 boxes.

  5. Hi, I would like to order package K but I could not find it in the drop box above. Could I make an order through email and do self collection at bedok point as the quantity is not much.

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