About Gobi

1.0  Mission:

Life is sweet. To create fun, simple, nutritious affordable food that reminds our friends and families that life is sweet.

2.0  Business:

Gobi has 4 lines of businesses: Full month, commercial pastries, customized pastries, strategic programs.

3.0 Background:

The owners of Gobi, the Khoo family, had many friends who suffered from cancer and poor health. The experience of supporting family members and friends fight cancer helped shape the story of Gobi. One of the causes of cancer is poor nutrition. In 2004, the owners of Gobi decided to do something about it. Food should be fun, simple, nutritious and affordable.

The four pillar (fun, simple, nutritious, affordable) inspired the Sanskrit name Gobi which means Cauliflower. The Cauliflower, a cruciferous vegetable, is a medicinal plant. It contains one of the highest contents of vitamin C (75% DRI/DV index) with no fat.

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Gobi aspires to produce food rich in taste, high in vitamins, low in fat with almost zero processed sugar. Gobi produces functional food such as fruit enzymes that packs a great taste with little to no sugar. Gobi Singapore is Halal compliant. It’s charter to create food that has NO artificial flavoring, NO coloring, NO gluten or NO trans fat and as much as possible to NOT use products that requires an animal to sacrifice its life.

 Gobi Katong Mall


Anti Cancer Benefits of Dark Chocolate is well known. Gobi Singapore revolutionized the full month packages (满月礼物) in 2005 from a small humble shop located in Katong Mall (now known as 112Katong) infusing the mini chocolate petites with almost 100% pure chocolate.  The chocolate petites were an instant hit with professionals who wanted something different yet traditional.

 Gobi Central


We expanded to Central to showcase our chocolate petite offerings. It was also a strategic location for our customers to pickup their full month packages. We also started expanding our chocolate petite offerings.


 Gobi Ion


Gobi Ion was the first time when we moved from just making first month packages into full retail specifically in high end desserts showcasing our full petite product line.

Gobi Suntec


 Gobi recruited a celebrity chef to design it’s Suntec menu for a complete meal from appetizers, entree to desserts completing the Gobi dining experience.

Gobi Joo Chiat (central kitchen)




We took a big step in establishing a central kitchen to control the quality of pastries being served in Gobi’s various outlets. It was a historical moment for us when we shifted our Full Month (满月礼物) business from Katong Mall to Joo Chiat. Armed with a central kitchen, we were able to expand our pastry offerings

Gobi Bedok Point


Gobi Bedok Point was our first joint venture with a creamery company where we wanted to add a new dimension to our dessert offering. When the creamery company shuttered, we offer to take over but unfortunately the price the owner wanted was unjustifiable.



4.0 Accolades

Gobi Singapore has garnered a host of awards while blazing a trail in Singapore’s F&B industry. It’s also been well blogged by the top 30 local bloggers.

5.0 Gobi’s ZERO SUGAR roadmap

Less than 20 in 3 years 2018

Less than 10 in 5 years by 2020

Zero in 10 years by 2025

Mid year Progress Report

98% of Gobi’s cakes are under 20% process sugar. 50% of Gobi’s products are under 15%. 2 products the Macha and Double Fudge are under 10% process sugar.

6.0 Snapshot Evolution of Gobi’s development.

Social Media livefeed:

A cake made by chocolate lovers for chocolate lovers.
Order online: gobi.com.sg/?p=7825
Order now +65 63452127
Delivered to your doorstep.
Delicious Moist Dark Chocolate inside
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Delivery available.
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Gobi's cake lifts your soul
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Order online: www.gobi.com.sg
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Gobi Desserts cares
Food free from Animals
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Give a Gobi. Cakes that really says, "Thank you, I really love you."
Order online: gobi.com.sg/?p=566
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给一个戈壁。 蛋糕真的说:“谢谢你,我真的爱你。” 在线订购:http://gobi.com.sg/?p=566

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  1. There’s no price list stated on the website. Can you send me a copy of price with the package that you offered for baby full month? What is the minimum order? Do you provide free delivery?

  2. Hi, had similar enquiry as ashley. Can you send me a copy of price with the package that you offered for baby full month? What is the minimum order? Do you provide free delivery?

  3. Could you send me a copy of price with the package that you offered for baby full month? What is the minimum order? Do you provide free delivery?

  4. Hi whats your Best quotation for the attached image.

    Also Do Advice on :
    How soon should i order as the wedding is on January 14.
    How will the Macaron Cake Packaged Like for delivery?
    Any Extras i should take note of?
    And Charges?

    Things We Need :

    Macaron Tower with 8 Inch Round Cake
    Base Tier of Mac Tower to be filled with Purple Flowers as of the Pic.
    CAKE – White , Fully Bling Bling

    Please do advice and reply in your best price.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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