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Central Kitchen: 350 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427598

Bedok Point / collection hub: #03-34 Bedok Point 799 New Upper Changi Road 467351

Tel: +65 6345 2127, +65 62424797

Gobi in its peak was 7 cafes operating one of the best high end high teas in Ion Orchard. The Gobi brand was the top F&B retail brands in Singapore. We have shifted our business model to focus on making desserts rather than retail. We know retail and can help your café get to the next level with high quality desserts. Our offerings:

  Item Description Recommended retail price
 image002 Sea Salt Caramel Log Cake

The Sea Salt Caramel Log Cake has soft cream cheese around the cake with a caramel river flowing in the middle. Every slice will get a nice caramel drenching.


 image003 Mascarpone Raspberry Cake

This sweet tangy delicious creation is coated with a creamy layer of mascarpone cheese outside and the inside with strawberry and raspberry extract that will light up your taste buds.


 image004 Yolkless Cheesecake Handcrafted yolkless cheesecake. It’s rich without being overpowering. $   74.20
 image005 Crumbletop Cheesecake Baked cheesecake topped with almond crumbs coated with white couture chocolate. $   74.20
 image006 Oreo Cheesecake Baked cheesecake with Oreo bits and crushed Oreo base and top. $   74.20
 image007 Chocolate Cheesecake Baked cheesecake with chocolate topping and base sprinkled with chocolate chips. $   74.20
 image008 Walnut Carrot Cake All-time favourite packed with carrots, fruits and nuts topped with cream cheese. $   74.20
 image009 Apple Crumble Gobi has potentially one of the best Apple Pie in Singapore. It’s an open secret amongst our customers. We stuff chunks of poached Granny smith apples into the apple pie and topped with crunchiest crumble. $   74.20
 image010 Flaming Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse with raspberry bavarois and chunky raspberry coulis. $   89.04
 image011 Macha Azuki Layers of light matcha sponge with matcha cream and Azuki beans. $   89.04
 image012 Strawberry Flan Glazed fresh strawberries with almond cream filling on a sable tart base. $   89.04
 image013 Peach Flan Sliced succulent peaches with almond cream filling on a sable tart base. $   89.04
 image014 Double Chocolate Fudge 3 layer dark chocolate sponge filled with thick, creamy chocolate goodness. $   89.04
 image015 Molten Lava Dark rich chocolate cake with molten chocolate centres. S$10-12
 image016 Strawberry Shortcake

The perfect blend of hi soft genoise layered with cream chattily and fresh strawberries.


S$ 90.00
 image017 Chocolate Therapy Indulge your chocolate cravings with Gobi’s unique creation 9 layered crunchy praline, dark chocolate sponge and milk chocolate ganache topped with rum infused white chocolate. S$10-11 per slice
 image018 Brownie

A perennial American favourite. Rich and moist with generous chunks of chocolate and walnuts.


S$5-6 per piece
 image019 Macaroons We have 9 flavours to choose from: Rose, Chai,  Matcha,  Pineapple,  Black Sheep, Morgan Blend , Chamomile, Strawberry, Orange S$ 2.5-$3.00 per piece
Premium Alcoholic Desserts
 image020 Blackforest Pannacotta This chocolate and berry liquor premium dessert is a chocolate’s dream come true. S$ 7.5-8.00 per cup
 image021 Tiramisu Cup Italy’s most popular dessert delivered to your door step. S$ 7.5-8.00 per cup
 image022 Tiramisu Cake This is made for the coffee and mascarpone cheese lover. This premium coffee liquored cake is an instant hit. S$90.00 per cake / S$8.00-9.00 per slice
 image023 Fruit Enzyme Pear Crème Brulee Crème Brulee is a French adaptation of the famous Catalan dessert. This is the quintessential in all Michelin starred restaurants. $$13.90-14.90
 image024 Fruit Enzyme

Gobi’s fruit enzyme comes in four flavors: Red Dragon Fruit, White Dragon Fruit, Pear Orange, Pineapple.

For more information on Fruit Enzyme please visit our site.

S$ 90 per bottle
 image025 Fruit Enzyme Jam This is the antioxidant elixir helps the modern professional fight the signs of aging. Gobi’s fruit Enzyme comes in four flavour: Red Dragon Fruit, White Dragon Fruit, and Pineapple.
 image026 Upside down Fruit Enzyme Pineapple cake Orange fruit enzyme cakes is packed with anti-oxidants. Taste amazing and helps boost immunity. S$65 per cake
 image027 Upside down Fruit Enzyme Orange Cake Pineapple fruit enzyme cakes is packed with anti-oxidants. Taste amazing and improves blood circulation. S$65 per cake

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Bedok Point


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