Gobi creamery presents it’s DOLL Icecream cake series

December 31, 2016

Luck favors Hard work and passion. Gobi reached a milestone in it’s creamery program. It produced it’s first Dream of Love “Dol” pronounced as “Doll”, ice cream cake series. Getting an established pastry team and a nascent creamery team to work together is difficult. The payoff is the DOLL, a labor of love and passion.  Fruitty Passion    1.0 We lay a super soft sponge cake as it’s base  2.0 Lychee ice-cream…


Gobi’s Creamery Program presents: Super 9

December 20, 2016

Super 9 ice cream for S$20.00.   In the past, Gobi purchased ice cream from one of the best ice cream makers in Singapore. The culinary team always found it challenging to influence the ice cream makers to make creamery that didn’t contain any chemical stabilisers and bring the sugar content to less than 15%. Chemical stabilizers leave a metallic aftertaste which wasn’t acceptable for Gobi’s culinary team especially when…


Gobi’s evolution

June 19, 2017

Gobi is owned by Lifvation Group of companies. Gobi has evolved from a small pastry shop making high quality baby full month packages to a respectable F&B player offering hot food, pastries, creamery and ready to drink products. 2005 Tanjong Katong Shopping Center Chocolate Petite Baby Full Month 2007 Central Showcase Chocolate Petite 2008 Suntec Retail 2009 Joo Chiat Central Kitchen (2000 cake production capacity) 2010 Ion Retail High end…


Gobi, you and health

June 7, 2017

Gobi’s has been running it’s healthy eating program since 2012. We wanted to bring our products to the next level whilst remaining economically viable. Each department heads (pastry, hotside, brewery, creamery and service) provided their plans to do four things: reduce sugar, boost nutrition, boost fiber, boost omega oil. We started with low hanging fruits graduating to more complex projects in our zero sugar roadmap which resulted in spinning off the…


Happy 2017

December 22, 2016

  Commercial Pastries Creamery   Customized Pastries   Fruit Enzymes    Central Kitchen: 350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore Tel: 63452127  


Gobi premiers the Butterscotch Icecream

November 5, 2016

  Gobi’s creamery program continues to churn out new ice cream flavor. The Butterscotch a popular flavor in Singapore has found a new home in Gobi. The Gobi team preparing the Butterscotch sauce and the gelato base. Everything is still done the old fashion way, by hand and a lot of heart. Chocolate chip blended with butterscotch is a perfect match for Gobi’s butterscotch Ice Cream. You can get Gobi’s…


Gobi’s Gelato Program

September 24, 2016

Gobi has had a simple creamery program for quite sometime producing small quantities of high quality vanilla ice cream to be served with Gobi’s Sumo brownie,  lava and award winning apple pie. Gobi had been searching for a suitable creamery company to takeover. The last attempt was to takeover MOD creamery which was not successful due to cultural differences. Gobi’s direction is to create functional food that taste fantastic but gives health benefit….


Food culture

December 19, 2014

1.0 Gobi is owned by the Lifvation Group. Gobi’s story started in 2004 making food that helps fight cancer. Gobi’s customers are family, relatives and friends. Gobi’s concept for its food: fun, simple, nutritious and affordable.  Gobi strives to achieve zero processed sugar in its food, low sodium, low fat, no MSG, no transfat and whenever possible little to no animal products. Gobi’s businesses are divided into 4 areas: Full Month 满月礼物, Commercial…


About Gobi

September 28, 2014

1.0  Mission: Life is sweet. To create fun, simple, nutritious affordable food that reminds our friends and families that life is sweet. 2.0  Business: Gobi has 4 lines of businesses: Full month, commercial pastries, customized pastries, strategic programs. 3.0 Background: The owners of Gobi, the Khoo family, had many friends who suffered from cancer and poor health. The experience of supporting family members and friends fight cancer helped shape the story…