Meet the Gobi Team: networking event

September 22, 2016

Video summary of what you can expect: Here is how to start doing something meaningful ​     Available opportunities within Lifvation Group: our journey starts here: 350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598 Mon- Thursdays : 7am -9pm Fridays – Sundays : 7am – 10pm +65 6345 2127 +65 96470588    


Green Tea lovers set: Macha latte macha azuki

August 31, 2016

Macha latte and macha azuki tea set for 8.90 available in Gobi’s Central Kitchen and DDD cafe 3rd floor Bedok point     Also available in Ice Version: Ice Macha Latte     Joo Chiat (Central Kitchen)  350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598 Mon- Thursdays : 7am -9pm Fridays – Sundays : 7am – 10pm +65 6345 2127 +65 96470588      Bedok Point #03-34 Bedok Point 799 New Upper Changi…


Cinnamon is great for you and Gobi blends them in its tea

August 1, 2016

This everyday spice can nourish your skin, boost your memory, and keep the pounds away. Cinnamon can calm a cough especially in tea as it contains a water-soluble fiber call mucilage that coats and soothes the throat, says Lillian M. Beard, MD. Trying to lose some weight? Apple cinnamon tea regulates swings in blood sugar, cutting hunger spikes, accord­ing to research from the U.S. Depart­ment of Agriculture. Gobi’s fruit tea uses spices and a key…


Gobi’s top selling tea

June 9, 2016

Gobi has been producing it’s own tea for half a year now. It’s not bad that we turn from a tea buyer to a tea producer. It all started because we found the tea vendor adding oil and artificial flavors in their tea. We hated the diluted taste especially on the second pot. Gobi produced tea from real fruit skin. There’s no additional flavoring but what nature intended us to…


Your Personal High Tea Party in DDD cafe

May 29, 2016

     #03-34 Bedok Point,  799 New Upper Changi Road,  Singapore 467351  Tel:  +65 62424787 Opening hours: Noon to 10:00pm everyday Seating Capacity: Seating: 28 pax Standing: 35 pax   Food: Waffle Gelato Cakes Finger food Buffet Menu: Sandwich Chicken Wrap Cakes Drink


Gobi premiers the Dragon Xan tea

March 12, 2016

Dragon Xan(thone) tea is a mixture of melons and dragon fruit. Highest xanthone fruit. Superfruit. Not All Fruits Are Created Equal: Superfruit: Dragon Fruit has a floral tropical taste is Rich in xanthones, rare and powerful antioxidants. Benefit: Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and body balancing properties. Profile: Native to SE Asia, contains a broad spectrum of xanthones and has been an important part of traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. Rethink juice. This superfruit tea has Xanthones:…


Gobi’s High Tea Set @13.90

March 5, 2016

Gobi’s launches it’s High Tea Set in collaboration with Suzanne Leong (previously from Makarios). The idea is to have a High Tea Set for a lazy afternoon where you can have scones, sandwiches, pastries with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Gobi has been making it’s gourmet tea for the last one year which has been well received by its customers.       The Chefs behind the food:    …


Gobi premiers the Apple Cinnamon Tea

February 18, 2016

Apple Cinnamon Tea Gobi made the Apple Cinnamon tea to help stabilize Blood Sugar and Cholesterol level. Cinnamon has been found to help regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol. 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon taken daily reduced blood-sugar levels, triglycerides and cholesterol in patients with type 2 diabetes. The addition of cinnamon to apple tea magnifies the fruit’s inherent role in metabolizing cholesterol through an added boost of manganese. Apples help…


Gobi Premiers the Banana Tea

February 14, 2016

Gobi embarks on making banana so tasty that it’s totally drinkable. Finally after our R&D, we premier the Banana Tea. The Banana is a blend of citrus, banana peel and spices baked to golden brown over a week in our oven. The Banana Tea is filled with contain carotenoids, in particular the xanthophyll lutein, which is an antioxidant known to protect against oxidative stress in the eyes. First pot: Banana taste is…