Gobi Premiers the Chocolate Heaven and Tropical Sunset

December 20, 2017

Concept: For Gobi’s diehard lovers of our 9 layer chocolate therapy, this is a long overdue UPGRADE in taste and texture. The chocolate heaven is halal compliant using all halal certified products. It’s very low in sugar, strictly no liquor. Taste: Smooth chocolate creamy taste Texture: dark chocolate sponge layered with Chocolate Ganache with smooth beautiful blueberry tinged chocolate mirror finish. Concept: Tropical Sun is based on Gobi’s popular low…


Strawberry Royale: a Fresh Strawberry fusion of mousse & cheese

April 11, 2015

The Strawberry Royale (SR) is part of the Fantasy Series. The SR is a hybrid of cheese and mousse cake. The top of the SR has a luscious tangy strawberry spread. The base of the SR is a crunchy almond cookie. The center of this cake are chunks of raspberry and strawberry.   The crown that completes the cake is made out of 100% Swiss white chocolate. Gobi’s chef spend a lot…