Your weekend treat delivered to your doorstep

November 5, 2015

Your S$100 treat: cakes, tea & coffee in your home. All cakes S$80,00 nett. S$100.00 minimum order for free delivery. S$30.00 delivery fee in Singapore except Sentosa for orders under S$100. S$50.00 delivery fee to Sentosa. Item Description Recommended retail price   Peanut Butter Minaret The peanut butter Minaret is a 10 layer cake interspersed with rich peanut butter mousse and delicate light sponge. $   80.00   Seasalt Chocolate 8 layers of…



February 8, 2015

  Vanilla Soufflé Vanilla Souffle: Soufflé with flavors that are Hair Raising Good Friday Soufflé The Xmas Tree Double deck (requested by our fans): The Schwarzenegger: Kermit the frog (request from a 6 year old Sesame Street fan) the Beyblade (requested by our fan)   The normal soufflé:    Chocolate Soufflé Angel: Love is not one sided: The Choco Wolverine: Mike Wazowski Monster Inc. Chocolate Orchid Ginger breadman & Son Marching…


Product Catalog

January 20, 2015 Central Kitchen: 350 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427598 +65 62424797 Our offerings: Item Description Recommended retail price Ingredients Sizes Cranberry Buttercake A cake that helps your heart.  67.00 Cranberry Butter Flour Eggs Less Sugar 9″ slices  Lemon Apple Cake  A hearty cake perfect for high tea with Lemon Apple topped with Almonds.  77.00 Lemon Apple Flour Butter Eggs Honey Less Sugar 9″ 5″ slices Tropical Sun Tropical fruit…