Macha Azuki

April 3, 2017

• Best with Tea, aromatic coffee • Lifespan: 4 days in chiller • Best stored 4.5-5.5 deg C  Recommended retail price: SGD 7.70-8.90  


Ended / Customer Reward: your S$10 voucher.

January 19, 2015

Start date: 1st July 2014 End date: 31st December 2014 Throughout the years, Gobi’s delicious desserts has garnered a nice following. Fans from within the country and overseas have supported us. To express our gratitude, please find your $10 gift voucher which you can use for the purchase of any of your favorite cakes.   How to use: You are entitled to the $10 off when you make a purchase any whole cakes…


Poire William Festival

September 28, 2014

    cordially invites to sink your teeth into this award winning dessert. Presenting the: White & Crimson Poire William Crème Brulee Chef Jonathan of the Gobi Desserts takes Singapore’s earliest dessert pioneering spirit to the next level by giving Gobi’s award winning Poire William, a twin sister. The exquisite White Poire William takes a week to make. Beautiful fresh William pear is soaked for three days in cognac. To…