Fancy a Millennium Falcon Star Wars chocolate cake?

December 22, 2015

More examples of themed birthday cakes: The Millennium Falcon is made entirely of a special type of double fudge cake. We needed two double fudge to make the star wars iconic ship. The Falcon sites on a bed of Oreo crumbs. The window ports are oreo cookies.   The Millennium Falcon is made entire of double fudge, cream cheese, cookies. Everything is edible. We don’t use fondant. Chef Jonathan a…


What do you give a Chocolaholic who has almost every type of chocolate?

September 12, 2015

How about the only 9 layer chocolate cake in Singapore? The Chocolate therapy is a decadent 9 layer cake with 100% Belgium Chocolate coating on the outside, sandwiched by pralines. The insides contains different layers of chocolate ganache. Chef Jonathan and his team made this massive slab of Chocolate Therapy weighing a massive 5kg.     Some history of the Chocolate Therapy. Circa 1930’s Chocolate therapy cookie. Gooey chocolate center….


Ended / Customer Reward: your S$10 voucher.

January 19, 2015

Start date: 1st July 2014 End date: 31st December 2014 Throughout the years, Gobi’s delicious desserts has garnered a nice following. Fans from within the country and overseas have supported us. To express our gratitude, please find your $10 gift voucher which you can use for the purchase of any of your favorite cakes.   How to use: You are entitled to the $10 off when you make a purchase any whole cakes…


The Heart of Birthdays.

December 13, 2014

Gobi has been producing awesome birthday cakes for our fans since 2005. Birthday cakes are very difficult to make not because of the technics but because of communication and coordination.  80% of the sweat comes from meeting customer expectation. Gobi’s strong suite is to make great tasting cakes using premium imported materials from halal vendors.  Gobi is Halal compliant. Order your cake online: Cars chocolate birthday cake     Gobi does a…