Review-Hungrygowhere: Out of this world souffles

November 9, 2015 13 hrs · Some of the most out-of-this-world ‪#‎souffles‬ and ‪#‎cheesecakes‬ from this hole-in-the-wall shop called Gobi Desserts. If their cakes look and taste familiar, its because they supply desserts to many of the hipster cafes around Singapore. Read about them in our ‪#‎foodguide‬ to ‪#‎JooChiatRoad‬: ‪#‎joochiat‬ ‪#‎gobidesserts‬   一些从这个小店里的一个地方,是很难找到所谓的戈壁甜品最神奇的蛋奶酥和芝士蛋糕的。这个小小的不起眼的小店供应甜点周围众多新加坡最好的咖啡馆。没有多少peoe知道这一点,他们不告诉别人。他们几乎没有做任何广告,人们了解他们通过朋友介绍。 阅读关于他们在我们的#foodguide到#JooChiatRoad: #joochiat#gobidesserts   見つけるのは非常に困難である場所にゴビデザートと呼ばれるこの小さなお店からの最も素晴らしいスフレとチーズケーキの一部。シンガポール周りの最高のカフェの多くにこの小さな謙虚ショップ供給デザート。多くないpeoeはこのことを知っているし、彼らが人々を教えていません。彼らは、ほとんど任意の広告を行うことなく、人々が友人を介してそれらを知っています。 #のJooChiatRoadに私達の#1 foodguideでそれらについての記事を読む: #joochiat#gobidesserts   찾기가 매우 어려운 곳에서 고비 디저트라는이 작은 가게에서 가장…


For our number one fan from Burpple, the Spider

September 29, 2015

How can we resist serving our number one fan from Burpple a top secret dessert we have been producing for one of customer? He dropped for something new, something tasty, something extraordinary. Introducing the Spider, an expresso chocolate lava heart, a seasalt banana sorbet wall topped with a rum infused whipped egg white. Chocolate Lava is pure 100% Belgium chocolate which by itself has creamy slightly bitter taste. The bitterness is balanced…