Gobi premiers the Princess

June 2, 2016

The Princess is Gobi’s 7th installment of it’s move to healthy desserts. The Princess is packed with vitamins and it’s a low sugar and low caloric dessert. The Princess is a delicious island of Ice Cream, orange, a good dose of Pear Orange Enzyme and chopped walnuts drizzled with vanilla sauce. The Princess is only available in Gobi’s Joo Chiat outlet.  


14 Gallon Enzyme Fermenter finally in

April 10, 2016

Gobi has been evolving to include nutritional and functional desserts that are actually good for the body. We started our journey two years ago by using fruit enzyme for our Poire William Creme Brulee instead of Pear Cognac which we imported from France and the UK. Original Poire William  Creme Brulee Fruit Enzyme Poire William Creme Brulee   We brew our own Pear Enzyme. The Fruit Enzyme takes 60 days…


Gobi’s November Enzyme Harvest

November 12, 2015

It took us 60 days to make this batch. We manage to yield 6 bottles in total of high quality enzyme. 3 bottles of Pear Orange enzyme and 3 bottles of Pineapple enzyme. This batch was especially difficult to make. We included Celebrity Chef Sady in our panel of tasters. For every bottling batch, we have to have unanimous thumbs up for our panel of 6 tasters. Their job is…


Gobi Singapore 1st of eight Enzyme talks

November 11, 2015

Every Wednesday, Gobi Singapore, holds it’s Enzyme talks. The talks are for all enzyme enthusiasts. Presentation from the first Enzyme talk: Next session, 18th November 2015, 7:30pm, 350 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427598


FAQ on Gobi’s Fruit Enzyme

June 23, 2015

 1  Q:  Is there a guideline or prescription on consuming the Enzyme? 有准则或处方饮用酵素? A:  There’s no prescription as enzyme is not medicine. As in drinking wine, everything in moderation. We have a consumption guideline, http://gobi.com.sg/?p=2305 没有处方,因为酶是不是药。喝酶适度。下面是一个简单的指南  2 Q: I am diabetic, can I consume enzymes? 我是糖尿病,我可以消耗的酶? A:  If you’re on insulin, or certain oral diabetes medications, such as a sulfonylurea (glipizide, glyburide) or meglitinide (Prandin) that stimulate the pancreas to…


Pink Dragon Fruit Crème Brulee

May 8, 2015

You’ve heard of red dragon fruit, white dragon fruit and orange dragon fruit. Have you heard of or even tasted pink dragon fruit? What more, it’s plated beautifully on a aromatic bed of Crème Brulee. First in Singapore. The Pink Dragon fruit is made by Gobi’s food science team through it’s own proprietary fruit enzyme process. It takes 45 days to make a pink dragon fruit enzyme. It takes an additional 10 days to make…