You best partner to great coffee: Serenity Duo

March 17, 2017

From Gobi’s bestselling chocolate petite comes the SERENITY DUO. Dark Chocolate Petite & White Chocolate Petite a contrasting taste of chocolate. Dark Chocolate Petite, not too sweet and packs a full body chocolate taste. White chocolate, slightly sweeter and creamy. The Serenity Duo is specially blended to accentuate the taste of great coffee. The Serenity Duo a beautifully paired mini chocolate fudge cake to find your calm after a…


Poire William Festival

September 28, 2014

    cordially invites to sink your teeth into this award winning dessert. Presenting the: White & Crimson Poire William Crème Brulee Chef Jonathan of the Gobi Desserts takes Singapore’s earliest dessert pioneering spirit to the next level by giving Gobi’s award winning Poire William, a twin sister. The exquisite White Poire William takes a week to make. Beautiful fresh William pear is soaked for three days in cognac. To…