Your weekend treat delivered to your doorstep

November 5, 2015

Your S$100 treat: cakes, tea & coffee in your home. All cakes S$80,00 nett. S$100.00 minimum order for free delivery. S$30.00 delivery fee in Singapore except Sentosa for orders under S$100. S$50.00 delivery fee to Sentosa. Item Description Recommended retail price   Peanut Butter Minaret The peanut butter Minaret is a 10 layer cake interspersed with rich peanut butter mousse and delicate light sponge. $   80.00   Seasalt Chocolate 8 layers of…



February 8, 2015

  Vanilla Soufflé Vanilla Souffle: Soufflé with flavors that are Hair Raising Good Friday Soufflé The Xmas Tree Double deck (requested by our fans): The Schwarzenegger: Kermit the frog (request from a 6 year old Sesame Street fan) the Beyblade (requested by our fan)   The normal soufflé:    Chocolate Soufflé Angel: Love is not one sided: The Choco Wolverine: Mike Wazowski Monster Inc. Chocolate Orchid Ginger breadman & Son Marching…


Product Catalog

January 20, 2015 Central Kitchen: 350 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427598 +65 62424797 Our offerings: Item Description Recommended retail price Ingredients Sizes  Lemon Apple Cake  A hearty cake perfect for high tea with Lemon Apple topped with Almonds.  S$68.00 Lemon Apple Flour Butter Eggs Honey Less Sugar 9″ 5″ slices Tropical Sun Tropical fruit cake with a dark cherry glaze 77.00 Tropical fruits (varies with season) Butter Eggs Honey Less Sugar…


Gobi’s Short Dessert Courses

October 24, 2014

Gobi is one of the pioneers in fine French dessert. Gobi distributes cakes to some of the finest cafes in town. Chef Jonathan provides classes to Gobi’s B2B customer on how to properly handle it’s products, present and serve. Taste is 80% and 20% if plating. Chef Jonathan teaches participants the principles of plating a great dessert.