Review by Jerb – Baby First Month Cakes from GOBI

July 31, 2017

When Julien was 3 weeks old, the hubby and I were shocked to learn that we’ve got to hold a baby shower and give out manyue (1st month) pastries. After tossing and turning,  we didn’t want the typical ang ku kueh/red eggs/cake packages and decided to go for something different, something  modern, something that we ourselves would like. And so we found GOBI. We went down to their central kitchen in Joo…


Full Month Packages

June 13, 2017

  Full month packages. Made for the modern parents. When red eggs just aren’t enough, Gobi presents the modern full month (现代模满月特儿礼物)  3 steps to order: Decide on your package (6 package types) Customize your pastries here. Order online or call us 63452127.  Package Immaculate / Package I   =  2 pieces of pastries per box Package Joy / Package J   =  4 piece of pastries & 2 eggs per box Package Kindness…


Hitokuchi option for Full Month Package

May 22, 2016

The word Hitokuchi means bite size in Japanese. Your baby full month package options now can incorporate t he Hitokuchi series from our Japanese series high tea set. You can add mini brownie, bite size tiramisu, half chopple, mini macarons, mini scones. More on Hitokuchi Leave your contact below and we will get in touch with you.


Commercial Pastries

May 15, 2016

Gobi Pastry formats Description Link Whole Cakes 60 different types of cakes from Strawberry shortcake to Red Velvet. Sliced Cakes Ideal for cafes or parties. All prices include our standard packaging, plastic wrap and aluminium for easy and sanitary handling. FAQ Questions and Answers on Gobi’s products: Macaroons, Cake Shelf life, Serving Gobi’s famous chocolate Lava, storing Gobi’s Fruit Enzyme, Storing Gobi’s modern full month chocolate petites….


Pay it forward…

December 6, 2015

Pay it forward with Gobi Cakes. How does it work? Step 1: Watch the video. Step 2: Place your order. Step 3: Pay online. Step 4: Give us the address. We’ll deliver. Step 5: We’ll take a pic, record the voice and email / whatsapp you.    


Chocolate Petites

April 28, 2015

 Gobi’s made its mark with the chocolate petites. The heart of the chocolate petite is a special type of chocolate cake using Gobi’s special blend of double fudge recipe. The inside of the chocolate petite with its rich taste symbolizes heart warming sincerity of gratitude. The outside coat of pure chocolate signifies the pureness of intentions. Ready to order? This tiny petite goodness is then coated with pure chocolate. Pure Dark…