Gobi premiers the Yogurt Cheesecake

January 8, 2018

Low sugar 9% , made from high quality yogurt and cream cheese. No eggs, no bake.  9″ 1.3kg Serves 8-12 persons Perfect birthday cake for your lovely vegetarian health conscious friends.       Free delivery for orders above SGD100.00. You can also order hot food to go, see menu: http://gobi.com.sg/?page_id=1143 


Baby Full Month Gifts(现代满月礼物)

July 3, 2016

Introduction: It is important to say a sincere heart warming thank you! A Gobi gift helps you to convey that love and gratitude from your heart. 重要的是说,一个真诚的心脏变暖谢谢!戈壁的礼物可以帮助你表达爱。 重要なのは誠実な心の温暖化はあなたに感謝します!ゴビの贈り物は、あなたがその愛を表現するのに役立ちます。 중요 진실한 마음의 온난화가 당신을 감사하다는 말을! 고비 선물은 당신이 사랑을 표현하는 데 도움이됩니다. What we offer in your jewel boxes:       Delicately crafted Chocolate Petites Finely handmade Macaroons. Hitokuchi Series (from our High Tea set)     How to order? 5 ways…