Gobi premiers the Savory Fruit & Vege Platter

October 9, 2017

  Owner Dylan and Chef David created a new savory fruit & vege platter that is grilled with olive oil. The fruits and vegetables provide all the flavors. No salt, pepper or any other seasoning that is added. “All our customer’s get is the natural flavors of fruits & vegetables. We designed this dish for diabetics and people who are on a strict diet. What you taste is fresh flavors and…


Fruit Enzyme Super Anti-aging Pack: Rejuvenation & Slimming

Your price:    S$ 120.00 Savings:         S$ 70.00 Usual price:  S$200.00  4 bottles of Fruit Enzymes to fight the signs of aging. Detox, increase metabolism, rejuvenate and increase blood circulation.     Rejuvenate: White Dragon Fruit enzyme Improve Circulation Red Dragon Fruit Enzyme Detox: Pineapple enzyme Slimming: Orange Pear Enzyme Instructions: Day 1 30ml of Red Dragon Fruit Enzyme to be taken 1 hour after meals to improve circulation. 30 ml of White Dragon Fruit Enzyme…

May 2, 2015