Gobi’s 2018 Quarter 01 new cakes

February 12, 2018

Cranberry Buttercake UCM cake (half chocolate heaven, half tropical sun) Yogurt Cheesecake The Bassett Mirror cake series: Chocolate Heaven Mirror cake series: Tropical Sun (low sugar fruit cake) Artisan Donuts: Konel Bread ORDER HERE:     [wppizza type=’


Gobi’s Tea Program celebrates : Dragon Xan

February 9, 2018

  高谷帝 (HIGH VALLEY EMPEROR TEA) is Gobi’s tea program it’s 1.5 year anniversary.  The premise of 高谷帝 was a need for a better alternative. The Singapore market is so small that a handful of players control the market. Most of the cafes buy from these tea distributors. Gobi’s kitchen team deliberated for quite some time on the decision to start 高谷帝. Drinking the tea we bought from our supplier where after…


Gobi makes bitesize Macha Azuki

July 3, 2016

Gobi is one of the few Patisserie that uses Sencha to make it’s Macha Azuki. Gobi added the bite size Macha Azuki into it’s Hitokuchi offering. Often asked why it’s not named the Sencha Azuki rather than the Macha Azuki. The market is already used to the name Macha Azuki. Only serious tea drinkers know of Sencha Azuki. Gobi’s Sencha Azuki or “Macha Azuki” bite size series has the lowest…


Gobi’s November Enzyme Harvest

November 12, 2015

It took us 60 days to make this batch. We manage to yield 6 bottles in total of high quality enzyme. 3 bottles of Pear Orange enzyme and 3 bottles of Pineapple enzyme. This batch was especially difficult to make. We included Celebrity Chef Sady in our panel of tasters. For every bottling batch, we have to have unanimous thumbs up for our panel of 6 tasters. Their job is…


Gobi serves its own tea

September 29, 2015

Gobi has been purchasing high quality tea for its retail outlets. Gobi’s prices have not changed since 2005. The problem is that the price of tea has been increasing  over the past few years. From 2002 to 2011 , the price of tea has increased 6x. With 2002 as a base, the price of tea now is about 75 USD-120 USD depending on the type of tea. The price includes tariff…


Gobi Bedok Point: S$7.90 Tea Time Special

April 17, 2015

Choose 1 Cake and 1 drink = S$7.90  Choose 1 cake  Fresh daily cakes from our Central Kitchen  Choose 1 drink: Coffee: Espresso 1 shot Americano Gourmet Coffee from Gobi Cappuccino Espresso, Milk, Milk Foam Latte Espresso, Milk Foam Mocha Espresso, chocolate, milk Tea: African Sunset Benefit: soothe the soul   Tasting Notes: Herbaceous top notes of tobacco, reminiscent of the African bush, with a lingering sweet aftertaste.Ingredients: Blend of African…