VIP promotion

November 22, 2017

The deal:  Usual Price Your price  You Save Choose: Raspberry Mascarpone Delicious silky Mascaporne cheese with tangy raspberry center. 1.2-1.5 kg 9″ 77.00 60.00 17.00  Choose: Seasalt Caramel Log Cake A specially designed log cake with a caramel river. A soft chocolaty center layered with sea salt caramel. 1.2-1.5 kg 9″ 77.00 60.00 17.00 Free Gift  Macarone Set  20.00  0  20.00 Total 174  120 54 w GST Usual Price 187…


Explaining Gobi’s Invoicing and Kitchen System

August 25, 2016

There are four sections to Gobi’s invoice Top section contains your billing information. Second section contains your production billing information. The note section is where your delivery instructions goes in. This is where we also place your customization requests. In this section, you will find the terms and conditions of your purchase. #1 sales are final. #2 Payment terms are stated here. There are three payment terms: credit, cod, advance payment…


DDD Angel Menu

October 16, 2015

Waffle S$10.00 Heaven Pancake S$10.00 Meat lover’s Waffle S$10.00 High Tea Set 1 plate of delicious assorted pastry S$10.00 Chocolate Lava with Ice Cream S$10.00 Brownie with Ice Cream S$10.00 Vanilla Souffle S$10.00 Chocolate Souffle S$10.00 Macha soufflé S$10.00 Orange Souffle S$10.00 Crème Brulee S$8.00 Pear Crème Brulee  White Pear Crimson Pear S$10.00 Whole Cakes S$50.00 Slice Cakes S$5.00 Tiramisu S$6.00 Espresso S$3.00 Long Black / Americano S$3.00 Machiato S$3.50…


Gobi’s Fruit Enzymes

November 21, 2014

  Red Dragon Fruit Enzyme is made from high quality dragon fruit found around the region. We choose only the finest fruits to make Vino De Pitaya. SGD 50.00 + GST per bottle. “After trying Gobi’s new Vino De Pitaya. It’s quite good and comparable the more expensive red wine I buy.” -Madam Teo  Improve Healing Improve arthritic condition Dragon fruit has dozens of minerals and vitamins such as: Vitamin C, B1, B2 & B3 Calcium…