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December 22, 2016

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Gobi makes bitesize Macha Azuki

July 3, 2016

Gobi is one of the few Patisserie that uses Sencha to make it’s Macha Azuki. Gobi added the bite size Macha Azuki into it’s Hitokuchi offering. Often asked why it’s not named the Sencha Azuki rather than the Macha Azuki. The market is already used to the name Macha Azuki. Only serious tea drinkers know of Sencha Azuki. Gobi’s Sencha Azuki or “Macha Azuki” bite size series has the lowest…



February 3, 2016

Gobi premiers the Chopple (CHOColate aPPLE).   Chopple = Fresh apple + Mousse +  Pure chocolate coating   Mousse Options: Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Coffee Lemon Chocolate options: Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Red Pink Champagne Pink Dark Chopple White Chopple  


Gobi introduces the BAO ice cream

December 28, 2015

The BAO (Banana Apple Orange) sparked a division of the sexes in Gobi’s kitchen. Flavor Name Yaay by 5 of Gobi’s staff on that day First idea: Apple Banana 满糕 Man Cream 3 Yaay 2 Nays 2nd Idea: Orange Banana 一场 The Long One 3 Yaay 2 Nays 3rd Idea: Banana Apple Orange The BAO ice cream 5 yaays  


Gobi’s Flaming Raspberry

June 3, 2015

The Flaming Raspberry is Gobi’s reinterpretation of the Flaming Raspberry sauce use to give beef steaks the zing. We felt that it is such a waste for such a delicate tangy taste not to be the main event. Our first version of the Flaming Raspberry was a dome shaped white chocolate mouse cake with a beautiful thick coat of raspberry sauce outside. The cake was 660gm and 5.5″. Our customers loved the cake and wanted something…


Fantasy Series Cakes: Nutty Troll, Strawberry Royale, Velvet Fairy

February 7, 2015

 Fantasy Series is beautifully and daringly tasty. The cakes are handcrafted from egg & flour using fruits, nuts and premium dark chocolate. There is no Gluten & no artificial leaveners.   Tempting Chocolate Nutty Troll Chocolate cheesecake laid over a cookie crumble base sprinkled with chunky walnuts in its midst Dark chocolate on top, thick delicious cream cheese in the middle a walnut centre with delicious thick crunchy cookie crumbles at the…


Ended / Customer Reward: your S$10 voucher.

January 19, 2015

Start date: 1st July 2014 End date: 31st December 2014 Throughout the years, Gobi’s delicious desserts has garnered a nice following. Fans from within the country and overseas have supported us. To express our gratitude, please find your $10 gift voucher which you can use for the purchase of any of your favorite cakes.   How to use: You are entitled to the $10 off when you make a purchase any whole cakes…